A downloadable visual novel for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Infurubia tells the story of Gamba and her twin brother, Chacal who is unfortunate enough to be the vessel of the God who walks among mortals, Lundúraga. Because of this, he endures every day the struggles of the God trying to leave his body, breaking his bones and ripping his flesh. This dishearting sight lead Gamba to always look for a better future for her brother, and one day she decides to take him to a small trip outside the town. This very little action will take them both to a bittersweet journey.

Infurubia or Journey of the vessels of God is a short visual novel currently in development for NaNoRenO 2016.


The protagonist and Chacal's twin sister. Tries to be cheerful around others but she is easily baffled when things get bad.
Excellent fighter even if she contains part of Lundúraga's soul, which makes her dizzy from time to time. Hopes for a better future for her brother and is always around to protect him

Chacal Pro by d-clua

Gamba's twin brother and Lundúraga's vessel. A total negative and intolerant man, which is understandable by his situation but it rubs strangers the wrong way. Seems strict and heartless when he scolds her sister. Even so, cares a lot for her.

Haern Pro by d-clua

A man that travels around the world along with Cellia. Looks taciturn but he is very passionate when it comes to traveling. Happens to be the last human and, as expected, carries a turbulent past

Cellia Pro by d-clua

Small, feisty woman that travels along with Haern. Always carry a smile and looks like she is having a lot of fun, also tease master.
Is like a sister to Haern, a really old sister.

Eidell Pro by d-clua

Southern Queen of Marla, queendom of the Kaufur people. Was betrayed by the royal counselor together with the Northen Queen and decreed
dead. Is currently looking a way to pay back and ascend to the throne with merits. Travel along with Alink.

Alink Pro by d-clua

A prisoner inside the cells of Marla. Incredible violent man, and a complete inept to everything else. Lost half of his tongue, so he avoids to speak, and if he tries he just able to mutter gibberish. Travels along with Eidell as her (forced)servant.


(Infurubia or Journey of the vessels of God)
♦ For ages +17(Contains some nudity, violence and sexual themes which won't be any explicit!)
♦Demo currently lacks of music, you can find some sort of inspirational tracklist here

♦Encyclopedia is WIP, but you can check it if you don't remember a term explained during the game.

♦Special Thanks!

Arcane Divine Piano> Composer

Human bolt diary > Encyclopaedia / Bestiary framework

DejiNyucu > Renpy sprite animations

Carrogath > Proofread

Weenily > Encyclopedia proofread/Testing


LSF WIP thread

VNDB page

Favorite character poll

Dev. blog for Infurubia(Contains spoilers)


Fanworks and extra artwork(Contains spoilers)


Gjump by d-cluaNEWS

07/11/2017>A newer demo is scheduled for late December 2017, please look forward to it!

Please, tag anything related to the game as "Infurubia(evn)"

Thank you :D

Published Mar 24, 2016
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
GenreVisual Novel
Tagsdrama, Fantasy, Romance


Infurubia(DEMO) Win 99 MB
Infurubia(DEMO) Mac 98 MB
Infurubia(DEMO) Linux 101 MB


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can't wait for the next chapter >v<

(Edited 1 time)

Infurubia comes with appealing concept of story, and somehow the absent of BGM isn't a  bother to flow with the storytelling.

The art and characters' design are lovely (I rather like that the tribe clothes feels familiar; as I recognized the Neko tribe -sorry I forgot the name- is like Japanese traditional kimono, and male Kaufur seems from Middle Age Europe.... so, I assume you are inspired by actual ethnic/race custom and their myth - the harpy, kitsune, werewolf, fairy, etc.? Because it turns out as an excellent adaptation ^^ ). 

Do you plan to release it episodically or all at once? Whatever the decision, I'll stay tune to this vn ;)

Hello! Thank you so much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it  even if it doesn't have the music yet :A:

About your questions:

  • The clothing is vaguely inspired in various countries around the world. Mainly you could say I got inspired by the traditional clothing from my own country(Peru) for the Gamos, the Humans(Or human! Haern) and for the Icaros(The bird like bandits) I felt it was better not to make it accurate since humanity as we know it is completely lost and the super continent where the story takes place is a weird patchwork of territories(As at some point Eidell tells, a god(Sángralis) molded the lands for them to be habitable) You may encounter more races during the other chapters that resemble other countries too ;u;!(Not as much as I would love to. tho! But I try to make them somewhat distinctive!)
  • I am planning to release another demo with chapter 3, 4 and 5. I would love to release it until chapter 6 so there will be no room for theories and just to expect the unknown but time will see! I'm currently done with chapter 3 and working on chapter 4. The newer demo is estimated to come somewhere around the end of the year and will have music as well! You can check my Twitter account or my Tumblr for more updates as well for the new Soundcloud account for music updates.
Thank you again for playing the demo and write what you think about it. Ah yes! There will be a tiny easter egg of Charlatans in Infurubia too :D! 

Ah, I see, so there the inspiration come from and further plans of this vn! Also Charlatans! *internal screaming* 

Glad to hear those informations, and Ganbatte for you  (>o<)/

i thought it was really good would love to know if you're planning on completing it 


Thank you so much for playing! The game is currently on development. I'm done with chapter 3 and working right now in chapter 4. My goal is to have a newer demo(Until chapter 5) for the end of the year. Chapter 6 and 7 will be most likely be developed on 2018.

You can check out my dev blog or myTwitter for updates :D

brilliant can't wait. thanks for the quick reply