A downloadable visual novel for Windows and macOS

Seventeen-year-old Karon is now a full-fledged Witch Sweeper ready to make a name out of her trade. Yet her very first mission involves hunting not only one but two witches who roam inside an abandoned red bricked castle. Join her this sole night and see if she succeeds.

Las buenas noches(The good nights) is a Halloween themed Charlatans game. This is pretty much an AU, so what remains is just characters personalities and bonds.

WARNING: Contains some mid violence!

****This is not proofread, if you encounter any mistake, feel free to contact me via Tumblr or Twitter about it.


Done with Ren'py visual novel engine

Background photographs by Morguefile

Music by Incompetech

SFX by:

 Tam music factory




lasbuenasnoches-1.0-pc.zip 77 MB
lasbuenasnoches-1.0-mac.zip 62 MB

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